How does this work? 

We are a delivery service rather than hot takeaway food. Our dishes are blast-chilled and vacuum packed so they have a longer shelf life. We send them to you by over-night courier in special wool insulated boxes with ice packs inside which keeps the food chilled for up to 48 hrs and then you can easily reheat them at home using a hob or a microwave. Click here for more details on how to reheat our food. 


What is the shelf life of the food?

Our food keeps for up to 10 days from the date of vacuum packing, when kept refrigerated. In practice that means it should keep for around a week once it reaches you.


Is the shelf life applicable after we open the pouch if we have any leftovers? 

No, the shelf life becomes void once the vacuum seal has been opened. Any leftovers stored after that are at your discretion.  


Can the food be frozen? 

Yes. If you do, the best way to defrost them is to leave the packs in the refrigerator overnight and then re-heat following the instructions. 


What if I miss the delivery? 

If you are not available, the courier company will still leave the package at a safe location and take a picture for our records. 


What are the portion sizes? 

Our starters are designed to feed one person as a starter or light meal. Each of our curries can feed between 1 and 2 people, depending on appetite.


What part of the menu is gluten free? 

Except our bread and Beetroot tikki from the starters, we are pleased to say rest of our menu is gluten free.


How spicy is your food? 

The spice mix for each of our dishes is unique, but all our food is medium spiced, except for our tomato dal which is mildly spiced. 


Is your chicken free range? 

All our chicken dishes are free range. And all our meat comes from the award winning Vicars Game Ltd, Ashampstead and our Goat meat is from Chestnut Meats in Cheshire, Free range Chicken from Caversham Butchers. 

Is any of your meat Halal?

The Chciken and the minced lamb we use for our Kheema biryani is Halal. 


What health and safety precautions do you take while cooking and packing? 

We are a husband and wife team from the same household, and we cook all of the food together. We have additional kitchen staff who have separate workspaces in separate rooms and wear face masks in the kitchen. We also wear gloves at all times and undertake additional cleaning of the worktops. We also wear gloves at all times when packing the dishes: a fresh pair of gloves for every dish and a fresh pair after every break.


I have an item missing from the order. What should I do?

We take every precaution to make sure you get everything you’ve ordered. We have a two person checking system prior to sealing the boxes, and we record every item being packed and sealed with head cameras. However, in the unlikely event that you’re missing an item please get in touch with us with photographs so we can investigate.


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